Lollipop Dictation.

Task Description: Today we did a lollipop dictation and it was a really great one and a really interesting story as well.One beautiful sunny morning, Mrs. Moala saw a really strange sight when she opened her eyes. When she pulled opened thee class room curtains, her eyes grew large. The sky was purple and the trees were lollipops. ‘’ What is going on?’’ She wondered. ‘’I better put on my new glasses!’’ Mrs. Moala reached over and put on her new glasses after getting her eyes checked. When she opened the class room door, she turned into the cool breeze. She smiled. To her right, she saw a friendly face. Ms Scanlan was smiling and coming through the door holding her backpack. ‘’ Did you see the lollipop trees?’’ Mrs. Moala said. ‘’Yea!’’ Ms Scanlan said. ‘’ Aren’t they great!’’.

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