Month: June 2022

Me saying the Karakia.

Task Description: Today Mr Moala said to pick a parter in room 20 then we had to say our karakia on video so then we had to blog it.

My Dancing Animation.

Task Description: This term we were learning how to make a lego man of girl dance with code. First we had to draw our own lego man or girl. Then we had to draw a backdrop that means background with a lot of detail. Next if we are finsh doing our backdrop and our lego man or girl we have to start coding it. After that we all had to pick a song to make our lego man or girl dance. Finally we all had to blog it.


 Task Description: Today in the morning we had to do a dictation. First we were aloud to choose if you want to wirte in your wirting book or on your google dot. I choosed to go and wirte on my goole  dot. The dictation today we about  matariki.

Matariki is the maori new year. It is a time of remembrance, peace, and joy. The nine stars in matariki are in the sky just before dawn. The other name of the other star are the Pleiades. This year in 2022 Matariki is a public holiday in new zealand.