Choose it narrtive.

‘’Welcome to are part 2 jungle movie’’. ‘’Qirt this is not part 2 winter sorry bye internet’’ ‘’Winter why would you tell them that you shell never ever go on internet and tell them we are going to have a part 2 junge movie’’. Ella  said. ‘’Let,s get in our outfit ’’ Winter said. Elle was really coufest. They all ran to this place called junge earth. While they were walking they saw that the door said do not walk in or else. ‘’ I! THINK WE SOULED 

RUN NOW!’’. Ella said in a tarefide  way. First they jumped a on this huge rope which came a site of snakes below them. Then Winter saw a stick

which had fire on it. Next Winter began to tell Ella to pass him a rock because Winter said that it will work.. After that Ella and Winter were looking at each other Ella said in a brave way ‘’I am sory Winter for say to qirt and we will be not having part 2’’. Ella said.  Finally Winter and Ella ran out of the earth junge to run home where they belong. It was a interesting ending.  The end. ‘’ REMEMBER TO WATCH PART TWO JUNGE MOVIE” YES WATCH IT YAY YA’’. And we are done ding take four.

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