Day: July 28, 2022

What we share.

Task Description: This term we have been doing Cybersmart . In this Cybersmart challenge there were sentences that ask you where it should go to, like this your parents phone number it will go to private not to the public that will be not good won’t it. the Cybersmart  challenge was a little bit hard at the same time but I knew I could do it. The Cybersmart challenge was really fun to do.

Being brave.

On Monday morning it was time for someone to start the day by sharing the Mihi. When my teacher asked ‘’ Who will like to share their Mihi ? ‘’ I nervously looked down at the floor. I started to feel butterflies in  my tummy because I was worried that she would choose me. Then I remembered that I wanted to become more brave this year so I quickly put up my hand. As I walked to the front, I could feel my legs were shaking but I knew I could do it. After I said my Mihi, the teacher said that I was brave and that I was very good. I was so proud of myself.