Day: November 8, 2022

Spy mouse

Last week at my house I had too many mice in my house every single night. While I was going to sleep I walked to my Dad when he was in the kitchen and I said, ‘’Dad I don’t like it when mice come into our at night, can you make a cheese trap for the mice that come in’’. I said. When I was in the kitchen I started to shuffle to my sister’s room then had a little rest until  I heard something coming from the kitchen so I ran to see my little toy mice making a loud noise. Then I got up to find a cheese that was yellow and yummy with a trap under it. After that, I went inside my room to go have another rest to find out if the mice will come out to see that it was my Mum stopping the trap then I said ‘’Mum why are you stopping my trap for, I’m trying to stop mice from coming in our house even Dad said that him and I our aloud. Soon then, I went back to my sister’s room to have a real sleep, then woke up in the morning on Saturday to see that the mouse was going down to the cheese like he was a spy, when I saw the mice going down to the cheese slowly I saw that he was wearing a black soot and had a long grey rope that was attached  to the mice back. At last me and my Dad took the grey mice out of the house in a small cage then gave the square cheese to the mice in his small cage. Me and my family were happy that it was gone then calibrated on the way.