SLJ, Samoa poster.

Task Description: This term in room 19 we have been doing SLJ, which is a summer learning journey task we have been doing . In this, task we had to decide which videos we had to watch that were Samoa that vs the Wallabies which Australia won. Then, after watching all of the videos I had to make my own Samoan poster that had rugby in it and their Samoa  flag. At last, I had time to blog about it.

2 thoughts on “SLJ, Samoa poster.

  1. Malo Catherine, good on. you for giving this a go! You’ve included some Samoan dishes that I love to have. Do you have these dishes in your culture too? I’m looking forward to seeing what you will share about your own flag, is it the Tongan flag? Do you know why it has the colours red and white? I’ll visit again soon to see what you post about the questions I’ve asked here.
    Have a good day!
    Mrs Tele’a

  2. Hello M’rs Telea it’s me Catherine and I’ll I like to say that thank you for saying that on my blog post, while, I was reading your comment I knew that I could do a Tongan poster so I did. When, I was reading your comment again I still tried to find out what the red and white means?: Have a great and happy holiday M’rs Telea and thank you for the comment. BYE:)

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