Day: December 31, 2022

Our Holidays! Merry Christmas & Happy New Eve!

This week my family and I went on holiday. We went to Rotorua and Hamilton. We went to Skyline, Hamilton Temple, movies, and pools. My family and I had so much fun and enjoyed our trip. We spent quality time with each other. Please leave me a positive comment on my blog.  (down below is a slideshow with some pictures and videos)

Tangram Template.

Task Description: Today in the morning I was thinking that I could do a task because I felt like o should because maybe miss out on thee other task so I picked one to do and it was pretty fun to do and was really well doing it. While, I was doing this task I felt proud doing this because I was doing a task today and I’ll also like to say thank all SLJ leaders for doing this each year at a time. Finally I had time to post about it and happy new years EVE!!! 🙂