Rainbow collage template.

Task Description: Today in the morning I really wanted to do a blog post because I knew that I would finish this task really fast so I did it was really easy doing it. While, I was doing this task I saw a lot of different colours all around it in the task if you what I was talking about. Finally, I finished my task and i had time to post about it. 

One thought on “Rainbow collage template.

  1. Hi Catherine,

    It’s Emma here from the Summer Learning Journey.

    This task looks like a lot of fun, I love looking for all the different shapes and patterns I can spot within the rainbows!

    Your rainbow looks very mathematical! I can spot some divisions signs and lots of geometric shapes. Is maths a subject that you enjoy doing? I have always liked maths but found it to be the most challenging subject for me.

    I can also see lots of different textures you have used in your rainbow. The yellow squares remind me of the little blocks of cheese they use in the game mousetrap! Have you heard of that board game before? It is a lot of fun. Do you have any favourite board games that you like to play?

    Thanks for sharing Catherine. Have you tried the kickstart part of this activity? It is much the same except you have to find things around your house or in nature to use for your rainbow.

    Emma – SLJ

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