My Summer Fun poster.

Task Description: Today in the afternoon I really wanted to do a task and it was my summer fun poster. When, I was doing my summer poster I knew that I could do Island vibes so I did. While, I was doing this task I saw that my wallpaper had a really great sea and then I saw that I could use it for surfing then I did. Finally, I had time to post about it.

5 thoughts on “My Summer Fun poster.

  1. Morena Catherine,

    Nothing better than blues skies, crystal clear blue seas, and the sun shining down on you. Unfortunately as I look out of my window today it is gray and windy so looking at your poster has made me smile a little.

    You mentioned doing island vibes – why was this important to you? The palm tree and beach definitely give it that vibe. What else would you add in there? I was thinking of some music maybe?

    Keep up the great tasks and hopefully our sun will be back shining and we can all head off to the beach again soon.

    Talk soon
    Theresa (SLJ)

  2. Hello Theresa it’s me Catherine and I’ll like to say thank you for the nice comment and looking on my blog while I blog. When, I was doing this task I wanted to put palm trees and a great sea and island vibes because it reminded me about the Islands and Tonga and which is my culture. Finally I hope you have a safe holiday BYE 🙂 From Catherine

  3. Hi Catherine ,

    Thank you so much for your reply. I really appreciate it when students take the time to read and reply to my comments!

    I haven’t been to Tonga but I have seen some pictures and yeah you definitely got that vibe going.

    Have you spent time in Tonga ?


  4. Hello Theresa it’s me Catherine and thank you for the great comment and your welcome to reply to your comment, When, I was reading your comment I knew that I have been in Tonga. Finally, I’ll like to say to you that you have been in your culture?
    Have a safe holiday BYE 🙂 FROM CATHERINE

  5. Hi Catherine, I have seen some of New Zealand but there is lots more I’d like to see. Have you seen any beautiful places in NZ?

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