Wednesday morning my family and I went on a trip to Rotorua and Hamilton for a holiday. First, me and my family started to drive for a long time and while we were driving we all had to say goodbye to Auckland then left. ‘’ Hours later’’. Then, when we were finally in Rotorua we all had to park our huge van then had to go to our hotel which had two hotel rooms because the boys had to sleep in one room and the girls had to sleep in the other room. Next, we just watched TV in the room but maybe after an hour we all went to the pool outside of our rooms. After that, we had to take a shower and went to the movies and watched ‘’Avatar the way of the sea’’. When I had to go to bed I woke up the next morning at 7:00 o’clock and went where they served games and fun things you could go on like I went on the skyline and car racing and they even took photos of you and gave it to you. While we went back to our hotel room me and my family went to a restaurant named Valentines. At last, I had to drive to Hamilton and it was not too long but. ‘’ Hours later’’, When me and my family went to Hamilton I had a shower and then we had to go to the Hamilton temple that was covered with Christmas lights and it was such a beautiful place to be. Also, I drove back to Auckland and it was nice to be back home.

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