Month: February 2023

Four Facts, Treaty of Waitangi.

Task Description: This week we have been learning all about the treaty of Waitangi. While, we were doing my four facts about the treaty of waitangi, we had to read an article all about them and had to try to think of a fact then blog it. The, fact I found out was that they sighed the treaty on February 6 1840. Remember to Comment on my blog, Thank you. 🙂

About Me | Ko Wai Ahau

Malo e lelei it’s me Catherine and I’m a year 5 student at Pt England school, I also have a teacher named Miss Parrant. I enjoy spending time with my family and I like going to the beach with my family. My favourite colours are blue, green and orange. I like to play basketball, netball, rugby, and volleyball. On the weekends I really love to spend time with my family wherever we go. My favourite memory with my family is when my family and I went to Rotorua and Hamilton which was so much fun. Please remember to leave a positive comment on my blog. 🙂