Day: May 22, 2023

My transparent picture/Cybersmart

Task Description: This week for Cybersmart room 10 have been working on our transparent pictures. For this week’s task I had to do a google drawing or you could also do a google slide show, that’s the one I choose to do. While I was doing this task I was having so much fun. Remember to leave a positive comment on my blog, thank you. 

Response to text task

Task Description: This week in room 10 we have been doing a task named response to text for emotions. For this task I had to try to answer the questions that Miss Parrent has chosen for room 10. While I was doing this task I was thinking that it was so much fun doing it. Remember to leave a positive comment on my blog, thank you. 

  • What are emotions?
    a) Physical sensations we experience in different situations.
    b) Thoughts and beliefs about ourselves and others.
    c) The feelings we experience in different situations.
    d) Actions and behaviors we display in response to stimuli.

  • Which of the following is NOT a common emotion mentioned in the text?
    a) Happiness
    b) Surprise
    c) Confusion
    d) Anger

  • How do we express our emotions?
    a) Through written words and letters.
    b) By sharing our thoughts and beliefs.
    c) Through facial expressions, body language, and voice tone.
    d) By engaging in physical activities.

  • How can we understand others’ emotions?
    a) By ignoring their feelings and focusing on ourselves.
    b) Through empathy, paying attention, and communication.
    c) By telling them how they should feel.
    d) By dismissing their emotions as unimportant.

  • What is a strategy mentioned in the text for managing emotions?
    a) Ignoring and suppressing emotions.
    b) Avoiding situations that trigger emotions.
    c) Taking deep breaths and engaging in positive distractions.
    d) Blaming others for causing our emotions.

  • Why is it important to respect and acknowledge everyone’s emotions?
    a) It helps us manipulate and control others.
    b) Each person’s feelings are valid and deserve to be heard.
    c) It prevents us from experiencing our own emotions.
    d) It allows us to disregard the impact of our actions on others.

  • How can understanding and managing our emotions benefit us?
    a) It helps us suppress our emotions completely.
    b) It allows us to avoid experiencing any negative emotions.
    c) It helps us develop strong relationships and navigate different situations.
    d) It makes us immune to the influence of others’ emotions.

  • What is the overall message about emotions in the text?
    a) Emotions are unnecessary and should be ignored.
    b) Emotions are only important for certain people.
    c) Emotions are a natural part of life and should be understood and managed.
    d) Emotions are unpredictable and cannot be controlled.


Four Facts/Emotions

Task Description: This week in room 10 we have been learning all about Emotions in reading. For this week’s reading we had to write four facts all about emotions and what emotions do to us. While I was writing my four facts I also learnt that giving emotions names then it could help us feel better. Remember to leave a positive comment on my blog, thank you.