Research Presentation) Sir Peter jackson

Task Description: This week for reading we have been learning all about Sir Peter Jackson. For all this week we had to research all about him. The first thing we had to do was read the article, the reason why we had to read the article was because in the article there were going to be answers that we would be needing for our research task. After reading and doing all of that you would then need to go onto the research presentation task and start answering the questions that had to be answered. Finally about doing all of that you would then need to create a character that you think that you would see in one of his new movies, just like my one I chose to do ginormous bloody eye ball that could see everywhere you go and it could also help defect the other team because of how scary or weird it looks. I hope you all enjoy how my research presentation. Remember to leave a positive comment on my blog, thank you. 

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