Tag: 2022: Inquiry year 4

Word and phrase match up.

Task Description: This term we have been learning all about word phrase matching feeling up. In this inquiry task we had to see feeling in writing and match it up with another feeling. While I was doing this task I did not know some of them but I tried my best and knew it. At last I had time to blog about it.



Favourite Things!!

Task Description: Last term, at creative space, we had a project that had a song in it. The song was called Favourite Things and it was made from Mary Poppins. The first thing we had to do was pick a part in the song and I chose (snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes) Next, we had to get on photopea. Then, we had to try to draw something that relates to the lyrics I had. After that, we had to take everyone’s photos to a video. Finally, you can all see what my photo looks lik I had a little help from Maddison. Also. the video that our class put together is here as well.well.Hope

you enjoy.



Matariki Light Trail

Task Description: Last week Saturday me and my family went to the Matariki light trail. First we started walking down the light trail. Then while we were walking we saw a lot of our friends and relatives along the way. Next we saw a light that was a photo of it running, I was acting like I was running with the white man. After that we saw that the light trail felt a bit short. Finally we found out that we were walking the wrong way the whole entire time. I felt really happy to be all together as a family on the Matariki light trail.     (Please leave a positive comment on my blog)

(thats me standing in front of the white running figure)