Tag: 2022: writing. year 4.

Being brave.

On Monday morning it was time for someone to start the day by sharing the Mihi. When my teacher asked ‘’ Who will like to share their Mihi ? ‘’ I nervously looked down at the floor. I started to feel butterflies in  my tummy because I was worried that she would choose me. Then I remembered that I wanted to become more brave this year so I quickly put up my hand. As I walked to the front, I could feel my legs were shaking but I knew I could do it. After I said my Mihi, the teacher said that I was brave and that I was very good. I was so proud of myself.

Comp thinking.

Task Description: Today we were doing a dictation about comp thinking. First we had to go on google doc to start writing. Then we had to go on writing then go on the video to start listening to the video. Next we had to write what we hear. After that we had to read what we wrote. Finally we had to blog it.

This is the dictation:

Computational thinking is solving a problem with a send of instructions. Thee instructions need to be broken down into smaller steps for coding. There are four steps: 1. Decomposition – breaking down the problem into smaller, manageable parts 2. Pattern recognition – finding similarities within and between problem 3. Abstraction – Focusing only on important aspects of the problem, ignoring irrelevant or unrelated details 4. Algorithm design – Developing a step – by – step solution to the problem which can be very creative.

Paper man.

It was one lovely day until a massive storm came. First Max was walking at the park. Next he was holding all of his paper work. THEN! The storm came and hit him. After that Max said ‘’What wold my boss say’’. Max said. Then Max was really mad until he find out that it was Saturday so Max ran to try find his house because there was like a huge crowd of people in the park scheming like this ‘’AH AH AH AH HELP THE HUGE STORM IS GOING TO GET US’’. All of the people shouted. A huge and mavsite site of rain begened. Max ran to his house to see that his house disappeared out of his site. Finally he ran to his parents house to see that they were hiding in there when Max saw that he ran then said ‘’ Mum Dad come out because I,m here also I need a wash’’ Max said. ‘’Good grashsh’’ Max Mum said ‘’You need a wash also get changed because you will get really really cold like a square of ice’’ Max Dad said. It was a funny ending. The end. ‘’My! Boss Will kill Me!’’. ‘’ No he woke Max’’.

Queens birthday.

Task Description: Today we were doing a dictation about queen Elizabeth and it felt really interesting because it was telling us about what is can do and what is likes.In the second week of june each week we have a special holiday this holiday is called queens birthday but it is not her real birthday of queen elizabeth the second she was in fact born on the twenty first of april 1996 making her 96 years old. So why do we have a holiday for queens birthday. A long time ago in 1901 or there about the queens great grandfather decided the wether in november in the time of his real birthday was to wet to have a proper celebration. So he decided to conbund his birthday with the troping colours. The troping the colours has been to be used to muck the birthdays of brichsh monarch for over two hundred and sixty years. Each year avins of sogis and hundred of hoes mached in a huge pread. This years queens birthday is very speecial this year we celebrate her majesty queen elizabeth the second becoming the first bichsh monare to celebrate platinum jubilee up to 70 years on the throm.

What is coding.

Task Description: Today I was doing a dictation about what is coding and it was telling me what is it and I had to write it down it was really fun and it sound interesting.What is coding computers instructions to work. This is called code is retain in sequence the sequence matter because your code will not work or do silly things. Debugging is when you need to find a problem that stops the code from working sometimes you may want to repeat a instuction this is called a loop. At pt england school we use scratch and hour of code and code.org to teach coding.