Tag: 2022: writing year4

Recount writing.

Task Description: Today I had to start doing 5 senses. In this senses task I had to watch a video that was just like I was doing the same thing just as the video. While we had to watch the video we had to write what we hear and smell and see touch and taste.  At last I had time to post about it.

Kahu’s Diary.

Task Description: Today after morning tea we had to fiop and I chooses to fiop writing. In, this writing task I had to be just like the girl in the whale rider and her name was Kahu’s. While,I was doing this task I had to write what happen in the story about Kahu’s wanted to be the Maori leader. At last I had time to blog about it.

Immersion recount draft.

Term 4  Immersion Assembly

This morning at the immersion assembly ,we had a new theme and it was mana tu mitey you. First item was team 1 and their item was all about helping each other when they needed help, if they needed help they would call ‘’mitey friend’’Soon team 1 was finished,  team 2’s  item  were learning about different kinds of feelings, Then next was team 3,Their item was also about team 2 but team 3 learned about different and new feelings we did not know about. After that there was team 4 and their item was all about being kind and being mitey. At last my favourite performance was team 5 because it showed me to be kind and helpful even mitey. At the immersion assembly I felt well timed  watching all the different items from our whole school because each class were showing mitey in there item.

Will he save her.

One day spider man was on strike and Cherry got out of jail, ‘’ I am finally out of jail, now I can defeat spider man on this day’’. Spoken Cherry. Next Saturday spider man went to the coffee shop to have a dink spider mans captain shouted,’’ Spider man Cherry! Got out of jail! Get her now she’s up on the bank’s roof get her!.  His  captain shouted. Then that’s when spider man jumped onto Cherry’s back and then said,’’It’s time for jail’’. After that spider man used his power and then flayed to Cherry in a mad way because it was Saturday and he went on strike,’’ I got you now, it’s time to go jail. ‘’ Spoken spider man. Finally Cherry went back to jail and spider man had his free time at the coffee shop while it was 7:00 o’clock. ‘’I’m coming back, I’m going back for you spider man!.