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Spy mouse

Last week at my house I had too many mice in my house every single night. While I was going to sleep I walked to my Dad when he was in the kitchen and I said, ‘’Dad I don’t like it when mice come into our at night, can you make a cheese trap for the mice that come in’’. I said. When I was in the kitchen I started to shuffle to my sister’s room then had a little rest until  I heard something coming from the kitchen so I ran to see my little toy mice making a loud noise. Then I got up to find a cheese that was yellow and yummy with a trap under it. After that, I went inside my room to go have another rest to find out if the mice will come out to see that it was my Mum stopping the trap then I said ‘’Mum why are you stopping my trap for, I’m trying to stop mice from coming in our house even Dad said that him and I our aloud. Soon then, I went back to my sister’s room to have a real sleep, then woke up in the morning on Saturday to see that the mouse was going down to the cheese like he was a spy, when I saw the mice going down to the cheese slowly I saw that he was wearing a black soot and had a long grey rope that was attached  to the mice back. At last me and my Dad took the grey mice out of the house in a small cage then gave the square cheese to the mice in his small cage. Me and my family were happy that it was gone then calibrated on the way. 

CAFHM for the birds.

Task Description: This term we have been learning how to write scripts. In this writing task we had to do was watch an video and then we had to write a script about the video. While we were writing the script we had to have 4 people in our group but we had 5. Finally I had time to blog about it with my group.


(Tall bird looks at small bird and says hello)

Henry: Malo e lelei.

(Tom and Sam looks at tall bird confused about Henry)

Tom and Sam: Malo e lelei, Ha Ha Ha Ha .

(Tom Ray and Sam and also Max laugh harder)

Tom Ray Sam Max: Ha Ha Ha hop Ha hop Ha.

(Henry says Hello again with a smile)

Tom Ray Sam Max: Ha HA (angry sound!)

(!5 birds running across the power line mad)

15 birds: (angry sound) (running)

(Tom Sam Ray Max Talk while they are mad)

Tom Sam Ray Max: (Talking quietly) While they are mad.


Easter story.

Task description: The first thing we had to do was watch a video. Next we had to all on are task then we have to do a dictashin.  Finally we have to blog it.A long time ago in a charming wold  and unlikely  family began. It was love at first sight for chicken and rabbit and soon they moved into a cosy  coting. Not long after there beautiful baby girl was born. As there charred grow up they know that she was difrit. When she began attending  school all the other  chirin tised her. It was made wis by the fact that she land cathful eggs were ever she is embarrassed. At night she coined up in her room crying into her pillow ‘ if only I can be like the other children’ she will say. Finally it all became to much the little bunny ran away from home looking for her purpose. On her way she came across a  young girl who showed her great kindness and toke her back to her town  to sipris all the children about the colourful egg. The bunny realised it is  a gifted ‘ I am the Easter bunny’ she said loud and proud.