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Our Holidays! Merry Christmas & Happy New Eve!

This week my family and I went on holiday. We went to Rotorua and Hamilton. We went to Skyline, Hamilton Temple, movies, and pools. My family and I had so much fun and enjoyed our trip. We spent quality time with each other. Please leave me a positive comment on my blog.  (down below is a slideshow with some pictures and videos)

SLJ – Arts for Arts Sake

Task Description: This week is the second week for the SLJ. One of the tasks I chose to do was the Arts for Arts Sake. We had to make a silhouette of our family. I chose this funny and random photo of me and my siblings. I found this very fun and I love the final art piece. The background is a photo we took outside. Please leave me a positive comment. 

(original photo)

International Night (Saineha 1st Ward)

Task Description: Last week Friday my ward (Saineha) had an International Night which was hosted by the Youth. Every quorum had to choose a country/continent to represent. Nursery did a pageant, Primary represented America (me, Keni, and my dad were in the Primary item), Youth represented Japan (Finau, Vaha, and my mum were in the Youth item, YSA represented Mexico (my cousin was in the YSA item), Relief Society represented India (my mum and cousin were in the Relief Society item), and the Priesthood represented Africa (my dad was in the Priesthood item). I had so much fun tasting the different foods from other countries, I had fun performing, and I had fun watching other items.     (Please leave a positive comment on my blog)

Matariki Light Trail

Task Description: Last week Saturday me and my family went to the Matariki light trail. First we started walking down the light trail. Then while we were walking we saw a lot of our friends and relatives along the way. Next we saw a light that was a photo of it running, I was acting like I was running with the white man. After that we saw that the light trail felt a bit short. Finally we found out that we were walking the wrong way the whole entire time. I felt really happy to be all together as a family on the Matariki light trail.     (Please leave a positive comment on my blog)

(thats me standing in front of the white running figure)