A morning surprise.

Task Description: We learned some really interesting things and some interesting words.

On one beautiful Saturday I was swimming in the sea. First I was in the water swimming because my church had a activity. Next I was laughed and played in the water with my sister and brothers aso some kids from my church. Then I felt something huge! Massive!. After I saw it was a big! Big! OCTOPUS!. After that I ran inside my house then I got changed. Then I went to the kitchen to eat something. After that my parents said to me ‘’ Can you wash the dishes’’ then I said ‘’ Yes’’. You won,t even what to know what I am going to say THE BIG BIG OCTOPUS IS IN MY SINK AH AH AH. Finally I saw it was a really kind kid  it had  pink spots, it had a little small hat, and it had seaweed all over, aso it had some water all over. The thing I did was I said ‘’ Sorry I have to push you down to go but to the sea bye. The end it was a great ending.


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