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Waka Voyage story

There was one puta atu day in a Maori village that was waiting for there loved ones. While I felt that it was very Icy and cold that’s when I saw the freez

ing fog rolls along the green mountains. ‘’ Yay my Mum and Dad are here’’ Said a little child. As I look around I saw a hungry and boney dog wanting to eat. That’s when I see little boats from the distance with loved ones coming back from there journey they have been to along the way trying to catch food for all of the maori village to have an jusy and yummy hangi. Then I saw some taiohi sitting on rocks and some dark dark brown logs around them. Finally one of the koro’s said a kakdi kaya and all of the Taiohi were singing  a  waiata  also the dog was still hunger .











Describing a Maori village.

It was once a beautiful day in one Maori village. I walked along a dirty path until I saw so many kids and aunts and koros, even some animals. When I smelled something in the hot air. Then it smelled like they were having a hangi. While I was having the best time smelling it I went there the path I saw a Taiohi holding food to take to kids and other Koro’s and Kuia. That’s when I heard Taiohi laughing and chewing. After that I walked to the right when I saw a lot of Kararehe also a washing line with wet dripping water balls  coming down off it. ‘’Is that what I think it is? bark bark bark yay  dog is here’’. Finally I felt like I wanted to live there and I did. The Maori village lived happily ever after the end. ‘’ Bark Bark Bark yay a brown day!’’.





What I did in the hoildays.

On Tuesday me and my siblings also my Mum and Dad went to gravity. First we went to get the socks we needed to play on. Next on Friday me and my whole family went to the arcade, my favourite game I play was you have to catch the numbers to earn more ticks in your card, Then after the arcade my Dad and my sister Finau and brother Vaha went to stone fields to have a movie night, While they were there me and my brother Keni with my Mum and cousine Mele went to burger king. After that we went home to watch a movie all together with my family. Finally my whole family went to bed.


 Task Description: Today in the morning we had to do a dictation. First we were aloud to choose if you want to wirte in your wirting book or on your google dot. I choosed to go and wirte on my goole  dot. The dictation today we about  matariki.

Matariki is the maori new year. It is a time of remembrance, peace, and joy. The nine stars in matariki are in the sky just before dawn. The other name of the other star are the Pleiades. This year in 2022 Matariki is a public holiday in new zealand.