Tag: 2022: Cybersmart year 4

What is a quality blog comment.

Task Description: This term we have been going on cybersmart challenges and today we had to learn how to write a quality blog comment. In the cybersmart challenge we had to highlight a sentence that had greetings, positive,thoughtful, helpful. All of these quality blog comment is very helpful for me to use. Finally this task was very great to do with my class.

Quality blog post.

Task Description: This term we have been doing cybersmart challenges and the challenge we had to do was how to blog a quality blog post.  While we had to do the task there was a boy called John who needed help to blog his cybersmart work so we had to do his  tittle and task description also his labels. Finally my whole class had to blog it.


Task Description: This term we have been doing Cybersmart Challenge. This task we all did was all about footprint. It was about we have to do ctrl H then it will pop up with your history  you then may look at your history then go on the task. After that you will have to find a logo of what you been on the most but if it was something you do not want you don,t have to show it. Finally you will be having to blog it.

What we share.

Task Description: This term we have been doing Cybersmart . In this Cybersmart challenge there were sentences that ask you where it should go to, like this your parents phone number it will go to private not to the public that will be not good won’t it. the Cybersmart  challenge was a little bit hard at the same time but I knew I could do it. The Cybersmart challenge was really fun to do.