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SLJ – Arts for Arts Sake

Task Description: This week is the second week for the SLJ. One of the tasks I chose to do was the Arts for Arts Sake. We had to make a silhouette of our family. I chose this funny and random photo of me and my siblings. I found this very fun and I love the final art piece. The background is a photo we took outside. Please leave me a positive comment. 

(original photo)

(SLJ) My Summer Tiki Tour

Task Description: Today and yesterday I’ve been working on this task. It is about my summer tiki tour. My family doesn’t really travel (only Hamilton) but we do a lot in Auckland. I listed some fun things I do or where I go in the summer. This was pretty fun to do. Please leave me a positive comment. 

SLJ, Samoa poster.

Task Description: This term in room 19 we have been doing SLJ, which is a summer learning journey task we have been doing . In this, task we had to decide which videos we had to watch that were Samoa that vs the Wallabies which Australia won. Then, after watching all of the videos I had to make my own Samoan poster that had rugby in it and their Samoa  flag. At last, I had time to blog about it.

Catherine’s Way.

Task Description: This term in room 19 for creative space with Miss West we had to do our way.  While, we were in the creative space we had to watch a video of a girl that likes a place she is peaceful in. When, I was drawing my peaceful place I had to draw really good and great. At last I had time to blog about it.

Word and phrase match up.

Task Description: This term we have been learning all about word phrase matching feeling up. In this inquiry task we had to see feeling in writing and match it up with another feeling. While I was doing this task I did not know some of them but I tried my best and knew it. At last I had time to blog about it.



What is a quality blog comment.

Task Description: This term we have been going on cybersmart challenges and today we had to learn how to write a quality blog comment. In the cybersmart challenge we had to highlight a sentence that had greetings, positive,thoughtful, helpful. All of these quality blog comment is very helpful for me to use. Finally this task was very great to do with my class.

About me.

Malo e lelei my name is Catherine and I am 9 years old. My favourite colour is blue. These are my family members, I have one sister Finau and I have two brothers called Keni and Vaha I also have one cousin called Mele and my Mum and Dad. When I grow up I would like to be a netball player or be a basketball player. My friend is Madison. The movie I like to watch is playing with fire. The hobbies I like to do is reading and maths. My favourite toy is an handball. My best memory with my family is when we set up a massive tent we had. Then we all slipped on it.

International Night (Saineha 1st Ward)

Task Description: Last week Friday my ward (Saineha) had an International Night which was hosted by the Youth. Every quorum had to choose a country/continent to represent. Nursery did a pageant, Primary represented America (me, Keni, and my dad were in the Primary item), Youth represented Japan (Finau, Vaha, and my mum were in the Youth item, YSA represented Mexico (my cousin was in the YSA item), Relief Society represented India (my mum and cousin were in the Relief Society item), and the Priesthood represented Africa (my dad was in the Priesthood item). I had so much fun tasting the different foods from other countries, I had fun performing, and I had fun watching other items.     (Please leave a positive comment on my blog)