CAFHM for the birds.

Task Description: This term we have been learning how to write scripts. In this writing task we had to do was watch an video and then we had to write a script about the video. While we were writing the script we had to have 4 people in our group but we had 5. Finally I had time to blog about it with my group.


(Tall bird looks at small bird and says hello)

Henry: Malo e lelei.

(Tom and Sam looks at tall bird confused about Henry)

Tom and Sam: Malo e lelei, Ha Ha Ha Ha .

(Tom Ray and Sam and also Max laugh harder)

Tom Ray Sam Max: Ha Ha Ha hop Ha hop Ha.

(Henry says Hello again with a smile)

Tom Ray Sam Max: Ha HA (angry sound!)

(!5 birds running across the power line mad)

15 birds: (angry sound) (running)

(Tom Sam Ray Max Talk while they are mad)

Tom Sam Ray Max: (Talking quietly) While they are mad.


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