Month: October 2022

Kahu’s Diary.

Task Description: Today after morning tea we had to fiop and I chooses to fiop writing. In, this writing task I had to be just like the girl in the whale rider and her name was Kahu’s. While,I was doing this task I had to write what happen in the story about Kahu’s wanted to be the Maori leader. At last I had time to blog about it.

Favourite Things!!

Task Description: Last term, at creative space, we had a project that had a song in it. The song was called Favourite Things and it was made from Mary Poppins. The first thing we had to do was pick a part in the song and I chose (snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes) Next, we had to get on photopea. Then, we had to try to draw something that relates to the lyrics I had. After that, we had to take everyone’s photos to a video. Finally, you can all see what my photo looks lik I had a little help from Maddison. Also. the video that our class put together is here as well.well.Hope

you enjoy.



Immersion recount draft.

Term 4  Immersion Assembly

This morning at the immersion assembly ,we had a new theme and it was mana tu mitey you. First item was team 1 and their item was all about helping each other when they needed help, if they needed help they would call ‘’mitey friend’’Soon team 1 was finished,  team 2’s  item  were learning about different kinds of feelings, Then next was team 3,Their item was also about team 2 but team 3 learned about different and new feelings we did not know about. After that there was team 4 and their item was all about being kind and being mitey. At last my favourite performance was team 5 because it showed me to be kind and helpful even mitey. At the immersion assembly I felt well timed  watching all the different items from our whole school because each class were showing mitey in there item.