Recount Immersion assembly

One cloudy Wednesday morning all of the Pt  England students and teachers gathered all together in the school hall. When we were sitting on the floor we had to wait for Mrs. Nua and Mr Somerville, because we had to start our immersion assembly. If you all are asking why we have an immersion assembly it’s because Pt England school has a special assembly every single term. 

This term Pt England school are going to be learning all about changes matter. For our first item was team one, for there item team one presented that they would be learning all about cooking and if it’s solid and liquid also gas. While I was watching their video I just noticed that they were making jelly which was solid and their hot chocolate which was liquid. Then when I was watching their video I realized that different things could be solid liquid and maybe gas. 

For our next item was the team of two teachers. For the team two item they were singing a song all about solid liquid and gas. While they were singing they were also showing things that are solid liquid and gas. For example solid is a toy and table and liquid is water and milk and also gas is your oxygen and fart. 

For our next item was the team 3 teachers. for their item they were showing us very amazing experiments of what they are going to be learning all about this term. While I was watching their item my favorite experiment is when Miss Scanlan made elephant tooth past. When they were doing all of their very interesting experiments I was thinking that I could do all of that but at home, because it looked very fun to do.   

For our final last item was the team 5 teachers. For their item the team 5 teachers were holding up three sighs that said solid liquid and gas. While I was watching their item I realized that one of the teachers were holding ice for solid and the other teacher was holding a water bottle for liquid and also another teacher was spaying a nice spray to show you that it’s gas.

Not to lie but at the end I was feeling very exited for this term learning all about those interesting things this term. 



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