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Santa narrative.

Task description: The first thing we had to do is look at a photo that was Santa in the sea with dolphins with him. Then we had to start writing. Finally we have to blog it.

It started on one  adventure day because Santa was in Canada. Santa and his little elves.  When it was starting to have Christmas in Canada so 

that means Santa has to tell his little elves that they have to make a lot of presents for all of the people in Canada. After when Santa said  “ you elves has to make a lot of presents for Canada” Santa said after that Santa saw that his little elves were making the presents as fast as lightning. When Santa was walking he said “ OK you elves can stop and have a break because you are done. Then Santa was so crazy he went in his slay then went to Hawaii then saw dolphins so Santa went then said “ take me to a nice shaved ice shop ho ho ho” the end.