Easter story.

Task description: The first thing we had to do was watch a video. Next we had to all on are task then we have to do a dictashin.  Finally we have to blog it.A long time ago in a charming wold  and unlikely  family began. It was love at first sight for chicken and rabbit and soon they moved into a cosy  coting. Not long after there beautiful baby girl was born. As there charred grow up they know that she was difrit. When she began attending  school all the other  chirin tised her. It was made wis by the fact that she land cathful eggs were ever she is embarrassed. At night she coined up in her room crying into her pillow ‘ if only I can be like the other children’ she will say. Finally it all became to much the little bunny ran away from home looking for her purpose. On her way she came across a  young girl who showed her great kindness and toke her back to her town  to sipris all the children about the colourful egg. The bunny realised it is  a gifted ‘ I am the Easter bunny’ she said loud and proud.

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