Paper man.

It was one lovely day until a massive storm came. First Max was walking at the park. Next he was holding all of his paper work. THEN! The storm came and hit him. After that Max said ‘’What wold my boss say’’. Max said. Then Max was really mad until he find out that it was Saturday so Max ran to try find his house because there was like a huge crowd of people in the park scheming like this ‘’AH AH AH AH HELP THE HUGE STORM IS GOING TO GET US’’. All of the people shouted. A huge and mavsite site of rain begened. Max ran to his house to see that his house disappeared out of his site. Finally he ran to his parents house to see that they were hiding in there when Max saw that he ran then said ‘’ Mum Dad come out because I,m here also I need a wash’’ Max said. ‘’Good grashsh’’ Max Mum said ‘’You need a wash also get changed because you will get really really cold like a square of ice’’ Max Dad said. It was a funny ending. The end. ‘’My! Boss Will kill Me!’’. ‘’ No he woke Max’’.

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