My Recount.

On Friday afternoon at Pt England School, Team 4 and team 5 had a Duffy assembly. First thing that happened was Duffy started to read his books while he was about to eat his space noodles. Then, just before Duffy was about to do that his Dad came in with Stuffy and told Duffy that Stuffy was staying over for the weekend and then Duffy was a bit mad for Stuffy to stay over because she was so annoying. After that, Duffy and Stuffy had dinner. When dinner was done Duffy and Stuffy had to go to bed but could not go to bed. While they were trying to go to bed, Duffy and Stuffy started to build a fort and readed a book.


After Duffy was trying to make Stuffy go to bed that’s when Duffy found a wormhole and just walked in and then found Duff – Zip even Stuff – Zip, While Duffy was going in each wormhole he was still in space and also was stuck in Neptune but got out. Finally, Duffy was back in his bedroom and even Stuffy fixed Duffy’s favourite plant book.  My best part about the show was when Duffy came back to his bedroom and Duff – Zip was funny as well so I felt excited to watch it and it was great to watch. 

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