Camp thank you letter.



Dear Security’s


Thank you for all your help at year 5 & 6 camp, while all the students were sleeping and working hard by staying up all night and walking around in the dark at midnight to keep us safe. While you all were watching as I bit the students and teachers were proud of  you for looking after all of us. If you all security’s are reading this I and the students would like to say thank you for looking after us while we were asleep and for also maybe making us food if some of you may be helped with the food.


Thank you Mr Burt for also making this camp happen and trying to make team 4 have as much fun as you can and we did!!. Thank you, for making this camp happen because we had camp 32 times and sense we had camp this year it was 33 times of camp. I’d like to say thank you to all those supporters who came and made us have the best camp ever.  

 Sincerely, Security’s

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