Month: March 2023

Year 5 and 6 Camp Recount

Task description: A few weeks ago we had year 5 and 6 camp on our school field. This week for writing we had to create a recount about our camp experience. Check out my camp experience below:

On Wednesday morning it was camp but on Wednesday I was not feeling well so could not go on day one. Tuesday morning day two I was feeling better so went to camp, while all the kids were eating breakfast I had to find out who I was sleeping with and it was Sophia and Maria. When they were all finished eating breakfast Mrs Lagitupu started to call out what our rotation for the day was.

The first rotation for the Tuis was the ‘’Hall Rotation’’. Next in the hall rotation you were allowed to ride scooters and skateboards, also ping pong and even a trampoline. Then, after playing all around the school we had to start practising our camp concert.

After that, we had to eat morning tea. We had to go to Tui’s next rotation and it was ‘’Slip & Slide’’. The water slide was on the top field where we had our slip and slide. To be fair I was feeling a bit afraid to go on the water slide because if you jump then you could get hurt and I did. When I was on the slip & slide I was having a lot of fun because I got to get wet and even mud was all over me.

Finally at camp my most favourite thing at camp was camp concert. The reason why I liked the camp concert it’s because I was proud of my camp group even though we came second on the day. At the camp concert I had a lot of fun because all of the camp groups all participated and had a lot of fun. When the camp concert was over we had to say good night to your parents and family and then go to bed in tents.

European four facts.

Task Description: This week in room 10 we have been learning all about how the Europeans arrived in New Zealand. When we had to start our task the first thing you had to do was read the article. Then, you had to write four facts about what you learned in the article. While, I was doing this task I was thinking that it was going to be very hard but it was not really that hard because I tried my best. Remember to leave a positive  comment on my blog, thank you. 

My family tree.

Task Description: This week in room 10 we have been learning all about our family history which is our family tree. When, I was doing my family tree it was a bit hard because I could not even find my great great grandparents but still tried  to write their names. Remember to leave a positive comment on my blog, thank you. 

Number of the week/Fire.

Task Description: This week in room 10 we were doing a number of the week and  this week fire which is my maths groups number was 201. While, I was doing this task I had to add a number and also guess  if my number was even or odd and I said, ”Odd”. Remember to leave a positive comment on my blog, thank you.


Camp thank you letter.



Dear Security’s


Thank you for all your help at year 5 & 6 camp, while all the students were sleeping and working hard by staying up all night and walking around in the dark at midnight to keep us safe. While you all were watching as I bit the students and teachers were proud of  you for looking after all of us. If you all security’s are reading this I and the students would like to say thank you for looking after us while we were asleep and for also maybe making us food if some of you may be helped with the food.


Thank you Mr Burt for also making this camp happen and trying to make team 4 have as much fun as you can and we did!!. Thank you, for making this camp happen because we had camp 32 times and sense we had camp this year it was 33 times of camp. I’d like to say thank you to all those supporters who came and made us have the best camp ever.  

 Sincerely, Security’s

My Library Book

Task description: We have just been to the library to choose our own library book. The book I chose to read was Funny Kid Stand Up by Matt Stanton. I have only read a little bit of this book but I am liking it so far. For this task we had to talk about our book and say if we would like to recommend it to someone or not.