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About Me | Ko Wai Ahau

Malo e lelei my name is Catherine and I am ten years old and a year six student in room seven at Pt England school. My teacher for this year is Miss Parrant. In my family I have two brothers Vaha, and Keni. With one sister Finau and my Mum and Dad. My favourite colour is obviously baby blue and my second favourite colour is all kinds of green. My hobbies I enjoy doing are playing sports like netball, rugby, and cricket. The subjects I also enjoy doing in school are reading and maths because in reading I am pretty good at reading hard and difficult words sometimes. I am also really good at maths because when my teacher gives me a maths question to answer I could answer it in like six or three seconds. At last I am very excited for you all to check out all of my blog post’s for 2024. Remember to leave a positive comment on my blog, thank you!

About me.

Malo e lelei my name is Catherine and I am 9 years old. My favourite colour is blue. These are my family members, I have one sister Finau and I have two brothers called Keni and Vaha I also have one cousin called Mele and my Mum and Dad. When I grow up I would like to be a netball player or be a basketball player. My friend is Madison. The movie I like to watch is playing with fire. The hobbies I like to do is reading and maths. My favourite toy is an handball. My best memory with my family is when we set up a massive tent we had. Then we all slipped on it.