Our Holidays! Merry Christmas & Happy New Eve!

This week my family and I went on holiday. We went to Rotorua and Hamilton. We went to Skyline, Hamilton Temple, movies, and pools. My family and I had so much fun and enjoyed our trip. We spent quality time with each other. Please leave me a positive comment on my blog.  (down below is a slideshow with some pictures and videos)

2 thoughts on “Our Holidays! Merry Christmas & Happy New Eve!

  1. Hi Catherine it’s me YiYi and I wanted to say that this task you did was amazing and you put a lot of tought into btw along time ago I went to Skyline too oh and a before this day we came back from Wellington. Bye 🙂

  2. Hello YIYI it’s me Catherine and I’ll like to say thank you for your comment, and that I hope you were having a really great time in Wellington YIY. At last hope you have a safe holiday and BYE 🙂

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